“Being healthy is the norm”

My name is Joonas, and I work with the body's self-healing

I strive to feel as young as possible for as long as possible. I try to feel both strong and relaxed in different phases of life. In my free time, this involves activities such as discgolf, walks with our dog, or playing with my daughter Rianna. I live in Jakobstad with her and my fiancée Nathalie.

I have been working as an entrepreneur since 2011, and I have my practice at Villa Rosenlunden in Jakobstad.

My work as a Zone bone-setter is a combination of my personal passion for health and well-being, my belief in the natural healing process, and my desire to contribute to people’s quality of life. By offering individualized care and promoting the body’s ability to heal itself, I can be a part of each patient’s journey towards better health and well-being. I am proud of my work and feel a deep gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

How it Started

After high school, I applied to Norrvalla’s massage program. After completing the training, I knew I was in the right industry, but being a massage therapist wasn’t the right fit for me. My parents suggested the bone-setter program in Kaustby, whose treatment technique was unfamiliar to me.

A couple of hours into the classes, I was hooked on the method, and my journey as a body care practitioner got a new start. My brain and heart were fully engaged in the method, but my hands, or rather my fingertip sensitivity, didn’t quite keep up. It led me to ask myself the most important question at the beginning of my career:

“Who has the best sense of touch?”

The first answer that came to mind was: a blind person. In that moment, I decided to set aside all anatomy books and anything related to body care. The next day, I borrowed a thick folder in Braille from the library. I studied for an hour every day, and after two weeks, I could read sentences with my eyes closed. “Now I’m ready!” and I returned the folder to the library.

How I Work Today

My sense of touch is my “secret weapon.” Thanks to it, I don’t have to guess my way through; instead, I can feel how unique my clients’ problems are.

My treatments are, therefore, very client-centered. Each treatment is like a new, unique story. I assess the condition of muscles, nerves, connective tissue, vertebrae, joints, etc., and test how to release and adjust them according to the specific needs.

Throughout my career, the word “results” has been very important to me. What leads to good results? I’ve tried to understand what happens during the “miracle healings” that occur in my practice. The question I was looking answers to was:

“How do you get the body to heal itself?”

Just like my company name (Wellmaker = make you feel well) indicates, this question was the key to what I’ve been trying to achieve.

I’ve always wanted to work more on finding the root cause of the problem and actually heal the body, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Therefore, around 2020, I started seeking training programs that focused on self-healing. LIFE Therapy and Zone Technique eventually became included in my treatment methods.

Zone Bone-Setting

Through Pete Goldman from the Zone School of Healing, I learned to use a technique called the Zone Technique. When I started incorporating these principles into my treatments around 2022, I immediately noticed a difference in the results my clients achieved.

Helping my clients activate self-healing in their bodies was the key to ensuring that the treatments had a lasting effect.

Zone bone-setting is the name for the updated version of my traditional bone-setting treatment, and it involves more than just treating joint and muscle pain. Today, clients also seek assistance with hormonal, gastrointestinal, circulatory, and neurological issues, among others.

Down below you can read more about Zone Bone-setting and Life Therapy.