Integrity policy

Register Manager:

Wellmaker Joonas Roslund
Rosenlundsgatan 3A, 68860 Jakobstad
tel. +358 (0)50 5356730
FO-nummer: 2394338-6

1. Register name

Wellmaker Joonas Roslund customer and marketing register.

2. Information in the register

Customer details and information regarding the customer relationship, as well as information related to marketing.

3. Information collected in the register

  • First and last name of the company and/or contact person, visiting and mailing address, email address, phone number
  • Website address, publicly available classification information
  • Information about marketing permissions and prohibitions
  • Classification information and job title provided by the contact persons themselves
  • IP address or other telecommunication identifier obtained through the service
  • Customer feedback information
  • Order, delivery, and billing information
  • Information collected through cookies

Other information collected when using services related to the customer or customer group:

  • Data sets produced by the service and report information compiled from them, as well as historical information.
  • Information collected from the web service; information produced by an external system provider
  • In our register, we store information that the registered individual voluntarily provides through a contact form on the website or via email in connection with the customer relationship or the service being provided.

4. Purpose of the register

Personal data is processed within the limits and in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Act (523/99) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016). The register is used in accordance with existing laws and regulations for:

  • managing, maintaining, and developing customer relationships
  • providing and developing services
  • grouping services and customers
  • communicating about services
  • billing for services
  • if necessary, debt collection actions

The information collected in the register and its use fully comply with the legal bases defined in the law and regulation, and the processing of information complies with the responsibilities and obligations of both the data processor and the register holder.

The purpose of the marketing register is to carry out communication, information, and, if necessary, various direct marketing activities such as email letters, calls, or other contact types requested by the registered person.

5. Regular sources of information for the register

  • Wellmaker Joonas Roslund’s customer register
  • Public websites
  • Information produced and provided by customers

6. Regular disclosures of data and transfer of data outside the EU or European Economic Area

Data is not disclosed or sold to third parties in customer relationships. Data is not transferred abroad or outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

7. Principles of register protection

In addition to good information management practices, the processing of personal data complies with the obligations of care and protection according to data protection legislation. The register is protected against external use and is technically protected by both the register holder and system providers. Data transfer is carried out using data transfer protections and methods in accordance with laws and regulations.

Access to the register and personal data is only granted to Joonas Roslund owners. Joonas Roslund is bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations.

8. Retention period and criteria for personal data

Personal data is stored only for as long as necessary. Dates and practices for deleting data are defined, and outdated and unnecessary personal data is deleted. There may also be a legal obligation to retain personal data.

9. Cookies

We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file sent to and stored on the user’s computer that does not harm users’ computers or files. The purpose of cookies is to improve and customize the visitor’s user experience on the website, as well as to analyze and improve the functionality and content of the site. Information collected through cookies can also be used in targeting communication and marketing, as well as in optimizing marketing measures.

The purpose of using cookies is to improve the visitor’s user experience on our website and to analyze and improve the functionality and content of the site.

The visitor cannot be identified based on cookies alone. However, the information obtained through cookies can be linked to other information received from the user in another context, for example, when the user fills out a form on our website.

The following information is collected through cookies:

  • Visitor’s IP address
  • Time of visit
  • Pages viewed and viewing times of pages
  • Visitor’s browser

The user visiting our site has the possibility to block the use of cookies and to delete already stored cookies by changing the settings of their browser. Most web browsers allow you to disable cookie functionality and delete stored cookies. Blocking the use of cookies may affect the functionality of the website.

10. Rights of the data subject

Section 26 § of the Personal Data Act and EU GDPR Regulation (679/2016) give the data subject the right to check what information has been collected about them by Wellmaker Joonas Roslund.

The data subject has the right to inspect the personal data stored in the register by sending a written request to the person responsible for the data subject.

The data subject has the right to request the correction of incorrect information concerning them, the deletion of their own personal data from the register, or the transfer of the data to another data controller However, this right does not apply to information for which there is another legal obligation to retain. Historical data stored in the registers regarding the use of the service can be disclosed to the person who has used the service to the extent that it concerns them.

The data subject has the right to refuse the use of personal data for direct advertising, distance selling, or other direct marketing, as well as for opinion and market research.

The data subject can receive electronic direct marketing if they have given their consent. The data subject has the right to withdraw their consent at any time.