LIFE Therapy®

Life Therapy is a synthesis treatment, primarily performed as craniosacral therapy. During the treatment, we work with the flow of nerves and spinal cord.

We also work with the energy body, which is commonly referred to as the electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body. If the field is purely magnetic (attracts) or electric (emits), it affects our energy and consciousness levels.

Our body is powered by physical, emotional, and mental energy. Think of the body being charged by many different things, such as sleep, food, love, attention, inspiration, dreams, longing, physical touch, exercise, and a moment in the sun. The duration of the energy varies depending on how it is charged. If the energy never seems to be sufficient, perhaps we are using much more energy than we recharge? Is your energy and power leaking? Do you have an excess of energy?

The focus is on reducing stress in the body, as calmness and relaxation are crucial factors in facilitating healing.

When we experience chronic stress, we gradually become accustomed to this negative state, and we forget what it feels like to be relaxed and calm.

During a session, we begin with a Zone bonesetting treatment (30 minutes) and then proceed directly to the LIFE Therapy session (2.5 hours, including discussion time).

After a LIFE Therapy session, clients experience deep physical and mental relaxation. In this state, we remember how things should truly be, allowing us to start seeking a softer state of relaxed presence.

Only the first treatment requires a reserved time of 3 hours. Subsequent sessions can be booked separately (with a treatment time of 1-2 hours). Please contact me to schedule follow-up treatments.